No Solicitation Sign

Sign dimensions are 8.5" x 11" mounted to a 36 inch U-Channel aluminum stake. Made reflective and UV coated to prevent fading in the Texas sun.   Manufactured here in Carrollton, Texas.

Please add this sign to your cart below for delivery directly to your door.   Minimum donation is $15, including delivery.


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We thank you for your support.  All donations go to providing items for your Carrollton Police Department.  While these signs are an excellent deterrent they are not guaranteed to eliminate the problem 100%.  Should you receive any unwanted solicitation items, please call our hotline at 972-466-9137 or send a photo to our e-mail hotline at and we will lodge a complaint on your behalf with the offending solicitor/advertiser.  Again, we appreciate your support!

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But does it stop those annoying newspapers?
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Concerned__Citizen (Carrollton) - August 25th 2011
I'll be more than happy to pay $10 for this sign, IF it stops junk newspapers from being thrown on my lawn. Can anyone tell me if it does this? Or are these "news" papers (filled with solicitations) exempt from the ordinance???

-CCPAAA Response-
Thanks for your question. The signs have proven to be an effective tool is gaining compliance with the City of Carrollton ordinance.

Regarding your specific question - You may wish to request the paper no longer be [ more]