Graffiti Abatement Project

The slide show below highlights one area of focus within the Carrollton Police Department's Citizen on Patrol program.  In addition to those duties our members have taken on the task of removing graffiti, at no cost, to home and business owners.  We have used our own power washing equipment and supplies to complete this task.  We started on February 26, 2009 by removing gang graffiti that covered a homeowner’s fence that had been there for nearly six months.


The presence of graffiti, especially gang graffiti, leads to an increased fear of crime and less community involvement.  Its presence emboldens existing gang members and encourages recruitment of new members.


We have removed graffiti from over 600 locations in the City of Carrollton.  Many of these locations were neglected as they were not on public property yet in many instances they were clearly visible from major intersections and streets.  The private property owners often could not afford to remove the graffiti.  Our efforts also free up police officers and code enforcement officers from having to spend their time investigating and trying to abate the problem.  We take photographs of the graffiti for the police officers and then remove it, thus eliminating the need for further code enforcement activity.  We have taken over 6,000 photographs of graffiti in Carrollton.


Our members' selfless dedication to eliminating graffiti and the stigma and fear that go along with it demonstrate the unique and special affinity we have for our community.  We have made a personal commitment of time and money to improving the quality of life for everyone but especially for those who need it the most.


NOTE: Viewers may find the images below objectionable and disturbing.

What is needed for a graffiti removal program: 

Pressure washing unit that has a hot water heating unit.

Clothing – both protective clothing to protect against spray and chemicals but also a uniform to identify the person.

Consumables – gloves, plastic bags, water, tools, gasoline, chemicals for removal and paint for covering up graffiti.

Camera Equipment – water resistant digital camera for documenting graffiti and removal efforts.  Batteries, memory cards, case and compact discs for storing photos.

Safety equipment – traffic vests, traffic cones, protective eyewear and chemical resistant gloves for applying graffiti remover.


Please help by making a donation to our graffiti removal program. 

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